pumpkin chocolate chip scones

Pumpkin Scone(s)

Every time I make scones for my parents, I have the same argument with my dad. “Dad, I made you some pumpkin scones,” I say. “You mean pumpkin scone,” he’ll reply. “Grrrr, dad. No. Pumpkin Read more »»

Vegan Chocolate Chips

Cookie Perfection

It’s hard to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Let me rephrase that, it’s hard to watch American Idol, it’s blissful to search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I fall on the side of Read more »»


“Jennifer has provided personal chef services for twelve (and counting) of my writers’ retreats in the Carmel Highlands. Everyone RAVES about her meals, snacks and drinks, and the devotion she brings toward making each retreat Read more »»